Global Traveler

What does travelling mean to you? Where do you hope to go? What do you plan to do there?

Travelling, to me, means relaxation and excitement. I can leave reality back home and just simply live in the moment.

Where do I want to go? Everywhere. Every continent, every country, every city and province. I don’t want to leave any place unturned because I worry I will be missing out on something spectacular.

Of course I plan to do the touristy activities, like visiting the Eiffel Tower. I have to eat, so trying new foods is on the list, except escargot. I absolutely refuse! I also try to get out of my comfort zone by doing something I normally wouldn’t, like snorkeling, or whistling at a shirtless local jogging past me.

There is something about visiting another country that I just can’t explain. The culture, the colors, the atmosphere, it all makes me feel more alive! It’s even more fun meeting other tourists who are just looking to vibe and have a good time. I’ve met great locals as well who were welcoming and helpful.

I will forever be grateful for my experiences, and hope for many more to come.

– A Dose of Denise

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