I’m Denise, the sole author and owner of  A Dose of Denise. I started this blog journey in the hopes of bringing some positivity into my life. I didn’t exactly reach rock bottom, but I was feeling close to it. The thought of blogging popped into my head and I was both excited and nervous about starting my website because I had no idea what to do. A little bit of research, my big girl pants, and now I’m here! Writing to whoever cares to read.

A Dose of Denise is just that! I space where you get a dose of me through my thoughts about current events in my life, the trials I go through with my hair, and of course my passion for travelling. This is a story about my growth, the good, the bad, and the beauty in between. I hope to inspire and  give helpful tips to my readers. And if you find it entertaining, that’s always a plus!

– Denise 🙂