A Good Place

I previously talked about being stuck in a job situation that was bringing me down mentally. I then tried to give my one weeks notice, was laid off, and desperately tried to find a new job for the past three weeks. After all the disappointment that came with, and bills flowing in, God blessed me with a great opportunity that I’ve been hoping for.

I feel great!

Despite the fact that I have to play catch-up for the month of August, I’m finally starting to feel happy and excited. There are so many things I want to do, dreams I was too afraid to have because of insecurities/self-esteem, and hobbies I want to get back into.

I am in a good place mentally and maybe even spiritually. My mom and I moved into my dream apartment, my acne scarring is clearing up (or at least I’m loving my skin lately), and come September 11th I’ll be starting my new job in an industry I’ve been gunning for. I’m excited to see how I’ll like it.

– Denise

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