Hope for More.

I’m coming to this platform hoping to come out a better person, not saying technology and being in front of a screen makes you a better person. Hopefully the experience helps me to find some kind of growth, because at the moment I am feeling stuck and struggling to find fulfillment.

I graduated college 2 months ago today. I am currently at a job I’m not happy at, with a pay that barely lets me pay all of my bills. Everyone always said to work someplace that makes you happy and you’re passionate about so that it doesn’t feel like work. I thought, “What’s there to complain about, at least you’re getting paid”. Now I know the feeling.

I’m struggling with finding a job I am interested in with the potential for growth, and ultimately a stable career. All the while supporting my semi-boujee lifestyle. The jobs I’m currently interested in are: Credit Analysis, Loan Underwriter, and Mortgage Processor.

By the way, I went to college for finance.

Two problems with getting these jobs:

1) They want about 3+ years of experience

2) Entry level doesn’t pay enough

So right now I am feeling trapped and looking to this blog as a purpose and an outlet that will maybe give me a new outlook. I hope that this blog will ultimately serve as a testament to my growth.

A Dose of Denise

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